Teams are made up as a group of drivers battling on the track week to week to help their Team Owner clinch the title as the next "TEAM OWNER CHAMPION". NASCAR does this in the real world of racing but we do things just a little different and with a small twist on things to make it a little more tough and as a group effort from multiple series across the board. This will allow drivers the resource to get help from their Team as spotters, knowledge, group practice and help with driving styles on the track to help everyone to become better drivers on the track. This itself will ensure better racing on the track and intensify the competition as long as the "Team Owner" is managing his drivers correctly.


 As a "Team Owner" it will be important for you to be aware of drivers in the community. Getting on TeamSpeak and talking to "Independent drivers"  hosting practice sessions and recruiting driving to our community will be a job but can be rewarding in the end. Their driving style,attitude, and their overall commitment will be key in deciding on giving a driver a contract to drive for your Team. The way you handle yourself with your Team, admins and the community will put your Team reputation in the spotlight, or not.


    As a "Independent Driver" it is as important for you to communicate with other drivers in the community and allow others in the community to get to know you and for you to get to know the others in the community. Understand that Team Owners are watching for that "Next Driver" to add to their team. Now your not only watched by the admins to make sure your following the rule book but you are now also being watched by the Team Owners on your Performance, your actions on and off the track, and your loyalty and commitment to Xtrememotorsports99.com.


    As a "Team Driver" the pressure is on ! It's up to you to keep your stats high and bring in the points for your Team Owner. Your Team Owner has been giving a Team Dashboard to keep up with stats for all of his drivers to compare who is performing and who is not. It's not very important on how you handle yourself and how you race others in the community. Always know, eyes are everywhere watching.