Attention Team Owners ! When filling out form for your (Point) drivers, please make sure to fill out each block like the example below:

#27 - John Doe

#22 - Jane Doe

#25 - Jane Doe 2

When filling out for your Driver in Development please make sure to fill out this area as follows:

#67 - John Doe - Charlotte / Dover / Chicagoland / Texas   (No races in the Chase will be allowed)

Remember, your Development Driver does not collect points but if penalized will cost the Team points for any rule violations he receives in the race. Also due to Teams being held accountable for their Development Drivers actions on the track this allows us to have a Driver to race in a higher series example= Arca Driver WILL BE allowed to run in a Cup Race. Meaning if a Driver that is NOT on a Team and runs in the Arca Series they would NOT BE allowed to participate in that opportunity but keep in mind, a Cup Driver couldn't run in the Arca Series but only 1 tier down from the series they run in as a Charter Driver.

There is a total of 13 slotted positions for the teams, meaning each slot is $5.00 weather you use a development spot or not. That will be a total of $65.00 per Team. 6 Teams = $455.00 that will be paid out at the end of the season to 1st , 2nd and 3rd positions to Team Owners.

Your Development Drivers do not need to register for the series your giving them an opportunity to run in. The Admins will add them to the roster manually.

Development Drivers (Registered in the Series) can run for Points for a Charter Driver not being able to make the race. The Development driver can not exceed running more than 4 races in the regular season and no races in the Chase.

Good Luck Gentleman