Please take a few minutes to watch the videos and read the decal overviews below, detailing how the Ricmotech Sportscar Series painting requirements have changed since iRacing implemented the "remove decals and numbers" feature. Our goal is to provide an updated look to our broadcast events and a more realistic and immersive experience for our drivers, viewers, and sponsors. Beginning with season 2 of 2019, we will no longer be using Trading Paints for displaying paints on broadcast - so all paints must be submitted to the league prior to entry into competition. The league will then distribute approved paints to drivers and our broadcast partner.


Of special note: the Ricmotech Sportscar Series is accepting paints with spec maps. However, it is important that you submit your TGA file and not the MIP file created by iRacing! If you have any questions not answered by the videos below, please do not hesitate to email the league.


We are more than happy to work with you if you need to make adjustments to work with your paint scheme; contact Bobby Childs, Media & Graphics Development, at any time to discuss. Important: all drivers are required to submit a paint; it is important for potential viewers and sponsors that all competitors present a quality livery to complement our high standards on the track. Liveries must be submitted prior to round 3 of any season for a driver to be eligible for cash payouts. 


Links to the files you will need are at the bottom of the page.



Open videos in "pop out" mode for a high resolution look

decal requirements and utilization

TCR Class

The TCR Touring Car class features cars based on a worldwide standard rule set, but currently only features the Audi RS 3 LMS on iRacing. This front wheel drive platform will reach speeds over 140 mph thanks to a 2.0 liter TFSI engine generating 350 HP; tire management is key as this NTMv7 vehicle will burn the front tires off quickly if a driver doesn't take care of them.

In RSCS events, this class will be identified by a gray number plate and windshield banner prominently displaying the series sponsors.

This is currently the top class of the RSCS until the new Porsche Cayman GT4 is released by iRacing in early 2020, at which time it will replace the Ford Mustang FR500S in GS and become the top class. 

GS Class

The Grand Sport class features the classic Ford Mustang FR500S in its final season in primary competition in the RSCS. An iRacing mainstay and considered by many to be one of the best vehicles in which to train for sim racing, this RWD classic is powered by a 325 HP V8 engine.

In RSCS events, this class will be identified by a blue number plate and windshield banner prominently displaying the series sponsors.

ST Class

The Street Tuner class features one of the most popular cars on iRacing, the Global Mazda MX-5 Cup. Hold on though, young grasshopper - this isn't the MX-5 you've been driving in rookie Mazda since 2016. Recently updated with the NTMv7 and upgraded to ND.2 spec the car now develops 181 HP and redlines at 7500 RPM, increasing torque as well. It is also now more difficult to shift (as the real life car is), meaning drivers can no longer slam the car in gear or their foot to the floor. Overly aggressive drivers will be rewarded only with spin cycles and missed shifts; the car requires more finesse and technique than ever to get the most out of it.

In RSCS events, this class will be identified by an orange number plate and windshield banner prominently displaying the series sponsors. If there are enough drivers to form an open division these cars will be marked with a red band along the bottom of the windshield banner, red class decals, and red mirror pods.


All Classes: Two-digit numbers will be in Arial Bold, and three digit numbers will be in Arial Narrow Bold. On the sides, the number should fill the field on the number plate; on the rear bumper, the number should be 7/8 of the height of the bumper and maintain proportion.

Differentiation: In the GS class, the front car number should appear on the lower right (driver side) of the hood in the same size as the number on the rear bumper. In the TCR and ST classes, the car number will be stamped on the windshield by iRacing*; it will be important for drivers to register in the session with the same number they registered for the series.

*Despite the new "turn off numbers and decals" feature, iRacing still stamps the numbers on the windshield of the Global Maxda MX-5 Cup and Audi RS 3 LMS cars. All other number placement will be handled by the league with the new car_num_xxxxxx.tga file.

Series & Sponsor Decals

As the sanctioning body, the Xtreme Motorsports logo appears in the center of the hood, close to the nose.

The Ricmotech Sportscar Series is represented by this badge. It will appear on the nose of the car, on the number plate, and on the rear.

Real Gear is a new brand of products being offered by series title sponsor Ricmotech. The logo will appear on the rear quarter panel between the wheel well and rear bumper.

Pro Forma Elite Texas Graphics is the associate series sponsor of both road racing championship series at Xtreme Motorsports. The logo will appear on the nose and on the number plate.

The logo of our broadcast partner will appear on the nose and rear of the car.

Ricmotech Contingency Program

The Ricmotech Contingency Program is open to all drivers in RSCS. Drivers who meet all requirements and register for this program will run this decal in close proximity to the number plate and class decal.

The files below are provided for you to line up your paints, and are not for use in a completed livery. 

TCR - Audi Guide

GS - Mustang Guide

ST - Mazda Guide


  • Submit liveries not using spec maps in TGA or PNG format

  • Liveries that require a spec map must be submitted in TGA format only

    • Do not submit the MIP file created by iRacing for your spec map; ​submit your TGA only as the league will need to add decal corrections

    • Your spec map should contain no corrections for league or iRacing decals

  • Be sure to turn off any iRacing decals or guide layers before ​submitting your livery


Please send all submissions and inquiries to Bobby Childs, Media & Graphics Development.

We have a new paint updater that you will need to use in order to see league liveries during events. We ask that all league members and broadcast partners install the updater; please submit any feedback or issues to a league admin.

Please uninstall the older paint updater if you had it, and allow the software to run if prompted with warnings by your computer.