ricmotech gt challenge

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Xtreme Motorsports is proud to announce this exciting new series, which will feature driver versus driver action on the best road courses in North America and from around the world! This new series is the first change to be seen as the road racing competition series of Xtreme Motorsports are reorganized as the Ricmotech Sportscar Championship (XMS-RSC), which similar to NASCAR on the oval side of the league provides a unified sanctioning body and structure to support our continued desire to be the premier U.S. based road racing league on iRacing.


The series is comprised of two classes of sports cars:

  • GT Le Mans (GTLM$25 entry fee

    • Ferrari 488 GTE

    • Porsche 911 RSR

    • Ford GT GTE

    • BMW M8 GTE new!

  • GT Daytona (GTD$15 entry fee

    • Ferrari 488 GT3

    • Audi R8 LMS

    • Mercedes AMG GT3


Each season will be 8 rounds with one drop, with 2 tracks to be voted on by registered competitors, and will be solo-drive 75 minute events with one forced pit stop and no tire change requirement. BoP will be handled at present by iRacing, but may be addressed by the league if competition is found to be uneven. Paints should continue to be submitted according to the guidelines established for all XMS-RSC events this year (2019) - you may continue to run your existing RWC paint if you choose as there are only minor decal changes. However, drivers may now choose to place the hood number plate in alternate positions on many of the cars - email Bobby Childs for more details.


Registration will open on July 1, first event on July 22!

Is the RWC going away, never to be seen again? Is team endurance racing at XMS a thing of the past?


The Ricmotech World Challenge will return in 2020, re-organized as 4 special event team endurance races based on FIA-WEC competition rules, to be held on the premier tracks of the WEC such as Le Mans and Spa Francorchamps! Three classes will be featured, just as in WEC:

  • LMP1, which continues the ultimate battle of dominance between Audi and Porsche

  • GTE PRO, featuring all available GTE cars

  • GTE AM - the race within the race for the GTE cars, restricted to teams and drivers new to endurance racing or otherwise unable to compete in the PRO class*

More details will be released as the series regulations are finalized, but this will be a low price series with all costs going to broadcast expenses and a small prize pool. You can register for the championship (all four races) at a reduced cost, or simply run the races you choose at a per-race fee! However, these will be 4 hour events open to teams only - no solo drives allowed for any reason. Entries to each class will be limited, up to a 55 car field, and all teams will be required to run RWC decals as approved by XMS-RSC. All registered drivers at XMS (road and oval) are encouraged to participate and will be allowed an early registration period, after which each event will be open to the public until all classes are filled.


Check back here and keep an eye on the iRacing forums for more details!

*XMS-RSC, the sanctioning body of the Ricmotech World Challenge, will be establishing performance guidelines to insure fair competition for the GTE-AM class. This will include observation and analysis of lap times in practice, qualifying, and race events. Teams found to be on pace with the higher class will be required to move to PRO; PRO teams unable to meet the competition percentage established by the sanctioning body will be offered the opportunity to move to the AM class, but will not be required to do so.